Elektroremont is fully equipped with machines, tools and equipment for production and repair of electric machines and components of a wide range of types and sizes.

Overview of the most important machines and equipment:

  • cranes with load capacity up to 40t,
  • machine tools: lathes, milling machines, grinders, drills, presses,
  • equipment for all types of welding and metallization technologies ,
  • sand blasting plant,
  • plant for thermochemical decomposition of electrical machinery insulation systems,
  • chambers for thermal treatment of insulation systems,
  • VPI impregnation plant .
  • dynamic balancing machine ,
  • automatic machine for welding and processing of commutators of DC electric machines,
  • production lines for the production of all types of windings of F, H and C insulation class in RESIN RICH, VPI and ROEBEL technologies,
  • production line for making DC poles and synchronous machines,
  • production line for production of DC machine commutators ,
  • production line for disassembly and assembly of electric machines,
  • corrosion protection line.