Overhaul, Reconstruction and Maintenance | Electric Traction Machines

ELEKTROREMONT has one of the leading positions in the region in the field of overhaul and servicing of traction machines. It provides the following services within the electric traction program:

  • Overhauling and servicing of machines, engines and generators of locomotives, heavy dump trucks, trams, trolleybuses, excavators and forklifts.

Repairing, servicing and rewinding of these machines is done with the use of materials of the most famous manufacturers in the world, which are also used by the manufacturers of electric machines.

Elektroremont is a longtime partner of Serbian Railways in the field of repairing and servicing of electric traction machines. In addition, it successfully cooperates with and provides its services to other railway companies from the former Yugoslavia and beyond – Railways of Montenegro, Railways of Macedonia, Railways of the Republic of Srpska and the like.